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HOUR ONE: Swamplands and marshes are dangerous places, with venomous snakes, crocodiles with razor sharp teeth, and the uncertain bottom, not knowing how deep the water is. But there is another reason to avoid the marshes and swamps… as they contain evil spirits and demons. (Swamp Demons) *** Those who venture down one particularly eerie New Jersey roadway report restless spirits, a haunted lake, and glowing orbs of light. (Shades of Death Road) *** Did an extraterrestrial invasion take place in Bowling Green, Kentucky? One woman insists it did. (Aliens in Kentucky) *** If the dream world feels just as real as the waking one – at least while we are in it – how can we know for sure that we’re not currently living in a dream, a dream from which we may one day wake up? (Is Life a Dream?) *** But first… always mocked for his size, Don Gaskins was intent on getting the last laugh… and hitchhikers were his preferred victims. We begin with that story. (The Pee-Wee Killer)
HOUR TWO: The Warren Commission concluded in 1964 that the same “magic bullet” that struck President Kennedy then also proceeded to slice through multiple layers of skin, bone, clothing, and muscle tissue, taking a strange and unbelievable zigzag pattern… lending credence to the single shooter theory. But many thought the idea was ludicrous. Now it appears the magic bullet theory may not be as crazy as it sounds. (The Truth Behind The Magic Bullet Theory) *** When it comes to close encounters of the third kind, we immediately think of the tiny gray aliens made famous in film and television – but there are more species than just the grays. Many more. (Alien Races That Have Contacted Earth)
SUDDEN DEATH OVERTIME: They arise from the ocean like a small army, and they can kill with a single look into your eyes. Beware the spirit ranks… the night marchers. (Deadly Stare of the Night Marchers) *** Reports have been coming in for centuries even through modern times of a creature in the Congo that, by all descriptions, looks to be a living Diplodocus or Brachiosaurus. They call it Mokèlé-mbèmbé. (Dinosaur in the Congo)
“The Pee-Wee Killer” by Shannon Raphael: http://bit.ly/2lyPV1D
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“Is Life a Dream” by Sharon Hewitt Rawlette, PhD: http://bit.ly/2m15ijB
VIDEO: Is It True Darren Marlar Is a Reptilian Alien From Sirius?: https://weirddarkness.tiny.us/DarrenMarlarIsAnAlien
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(Audio clip used in story is from Warner Bros’ film “JFK” directed by Oliver Stone: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0102138/)

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