“THE HOT COCOA KILLER” and 3 More True Stories of Crime and Witchcraft! #WeirdDarkness

IN THIS EPISODE: Two sisters rebel against their depressing family life by diving into witchcraft – and soon learn it was not a wise decision. (Leftover Magic) *** In 1827, young Maria Marten slipped into a red barn to meet her secret lover. It was the last time she would be seen alive. (Murder in the Red Barn) *** Madeleine Smith had a rich fiancé, a secret lover, and one heck of a secret hot chocolate recipe. A lethal secret recipe. (The Hot Cocoa Killer) *** Was the 1971 Lloyds Bank safety deposit robbery a covert operation to retrieve compromising photos of Royalty? (The Baker Street Robbery) *** From mouths nailed shut to being buried headfirst in the ground, throughout history the fear of witches has led to extraordinary measures to keep the dead from rising from the grave. (How To Bury a Witch)

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“The Baker Street Robbery”: https://theunredacted.com/the-baker-street-robbery-vault-of-secrets/
“How To Bury a Witch”: http://www.theoccultmuseum.com/7-of-the-strangest-witch-burials-in-history/
“Leftover Magic” by Weirdo family member Ilsa Beauchamp, submitted directly to WeirdDarkness.com
“Murder In The Red Barn” by Stephanie Almazan: http://ow.ly/CV4K30nAJDp
“The Hot Cocoa Killer” by Jennifer Jackson: http://ow.ly/8bHt30nAJSg
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