“THE LEGEND OF EDWARD MORDRAKE”, “THE WENDIGO OF CANADA” and More Creepy True Tales! #WeirdDarkness

THE LEGEND OF EDWARD MORDRAKE”, “THE WENDIGO OF CANADA” and More Creepy True Tales! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: Canada is full of folklore and legend – but one of the darkest is the Wendigo… and there are numerous, terrifying stories of encounters with the creature. (Wendigo: The Classic Canadian Cryptid) *** James Rainey was a manly man, unafraid of no one – until that is he killed his fiance, everybody knew he did, and he ran like a coward. Not that it did him any good. (A Cowardly Lover) *** A man has a strange encounter with an alien in Germany, and in an odd way ends up playing a game of catch with it – using an eerie, transparent ball. (Polish Man Meets German ET) *** They labeled him “The French Ripper” – and to this day, we still have no idea how many victims were killed by Joseph Vacher during his bloody reign of terror in 19th century France. (The French Ripper) *** The story of Edward Mordrake is fascinating and horrifying – with the poor man having an evil face growing on the back of his head that he said he could converse with, and that said horrible things to him. But how much of the story is true, and how much of it is pure fabrication? (The Legend of Edward Mordrake)
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