The Magic In This Breakfast Cereal Is Figuring Out How To Swallow It

Hi there!  Welcome to a brand new part of the website – my personal blog!  This is where I post stuff that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere else on the site – mostly my own personal opinions and observations about the world around me.  Now, on to my first blog post…

Tried a new high protein, low carbs cereal today – it’s called Magic Spoon.  My hope was to approach them about possibly being sponsors of the podcast.  But I also have my own personal reasons for wanting to try it – seeing as I’m lactose intolerant and  also trying to lose weight and eat more healthily. The taste was fine – surprisingly good actually – but I’m pretty sure cereal isn’t supposed to become chewy in your mouth and stick to your teeth requiring a toothpick once breakfast is over.

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