The Most Popular Christmas Toy The Year You Were Born

Image result for The Most Popular Christmas Toy The Year You Were Born(VIDEO BELOW) When you’re a kid, your Christmas gift must be the hottest toy of the year, the one that’s advertised day and night. Every Christmas has its own “hot toy,” and the phenomenon stretches back decades. Let’s unwrap the most popular Christmas toy on the year you were born. In late 2000, Razor Scooters proved to be the must-have toy of the early aughts. And what was the appeal of this two-wheeled thrill ride? Well, as it says on the official Razor website: “[The Razor Scooter] instantly captured our imagination and catapulted the scooter into a global phenomenon. […] Parents love it because there is no assembly required and kids love that it comes in a variety of colors.” Razor Scooters were brought to you by Razor USA, a company founded by Carlton Calvin, who already had some major experience in the toy biz. He also marketed faddish delights like Fingerboards and the once-ubiquitous milk caps game Pogs. Calvin estimated that Razor sold five million scooters for Christmas in the year 2000, but since the company only held a 50 percent share of the scooter market, that means as many as ten million kids wound up getting a scooter that year. Watch the video to see The Most Popular Christmas Toy The Year You Were Born!

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