“The New Age Murderers Who Went On a Witch-Killing Spree” and 7 More True Horrors! #WeirdDarkness

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A woman is awoken by strange sounds coming from outside the house – and inhuman sized footsteps – and why didn’t she close that window before going to bed? (Bizarre Sounds in the Poconos)

In the deep dark holes in the waters of the Bahamas, locals speak of a mysterious and terrifying marine creature shaped like a gaping, tooth-filled mouth of a shark, with an array of tentacles like an octopus, and massive in size – up to 200 feet in length. What is this leviathan that people are seeing? (Bahamas Monster of the Deep)

A man is out driving and finds himself in a predicament; the truck that was following him has disappeared. (The Vanishing Truck)

They say “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” That was never more true when it came to the murder of Annie Wheeler. (Insane Jealousy)

People often speak of feeling a sudden cold or chill when experiencing the paranormal. But what if the chill lasts, unstopping, for years on end? (Ice Box Mystery)

A noisy spirit invades a home in Tennessee. (You Don’t Have To Be Seen To Be Heard)

Many people kill for love, profit, or revenge, but Michael and Suzan Carson shocked California in the early 1980s when they admitted they killed because they were on a “holy war against witches.” (The New Age Murderers Who Went On a Witch-Killing Spree)

Tales of Bigfoot, the dogman, and other hairy bi-pedal cryptids usually come from normal people like you and me out minding their own business. Occasionally an unexplained creature will be sighted by someone of a bit more notoriety or position, such as someone in the military – or even a celebrity. Usually these creatures are docile or even frightened of humans – but other times they are bloodthirsty savages. But the story of the most violent, dangerous, man-killing unknown mystery creature of all might possibly have been told directly to a former U.S. President… Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. (The Most Violent Mystery Animal of All)


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