This Christmas, help us to shine some light into the darkness!

It’s hard to imagine what it must be like to live through a humanitarian crisis like the one happening in Haiti right now. Families are literally starving. It must feel incredibly dark and hopeless.

But today — right now — you can help to shine a light into that darkness. We are partnering with Food for the Poor to provide food for one year and water for life for desperate families in Haiti.

As of right now, we still have 10 families that we need to save. And here’s the amazing thing — we can save them for just $27 a month for one year. That amount will provide food for a year and water for life for a family of 4 in Haiti.

Would you and your family be 1 of the 24 who are willing to stand with us to show the love of Jesus in Haiti?

Just $27 per month for one year. That’s less than one dollar per day. For that amount, you can share the love of Jesus Christ with people who have no hope. And you can show the world what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

All it takes is a few moments on-line or on the phone to make a gift that will literally change the lives of a family in Haiti.

Visit to make a gift, or call 855-901-4673.

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