“TO DIE IN THE OLD WEST” and More Creepy True Tales! #WeirdDarkness

“TO DIE IN THE OLD WEST” and More Creepy True Tales! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: The Wild West, where no matter how tough and rugged you might be, you can never defeat Old Man Death. And he was creative in how he dispensed his touch. (To Die In The Old West) *** Charles Howard Schmid Jr. charmed and befriended the teenagers of Tucson, Arizona in the 1960s — all while brutally murdering three young girls. (The Pied Piper of Tuscon) *** One of the lesser-known crytpids is something called the Hidebehind, a mysterious creature that stalked 19th-century lumberjacks, preying on those who let their guard down in the forest. (The Hidebehind) *** Brianna Maitland left her dishwashing job and was never seen alive again. Despite various theories and sightings, Brianna’s disappearance continues to baffle investigators and haunt her family, who still hold out hope for answers and her safe return. (The Vanishing of Brianna Maitland) *** In 1906, explorer Robert Peary claimed to have discovered a mysterious island he named Crocker Land, but was it a genuine find, a calculated deception, or something even more bizarre? (The Myth of Crocker Island) *** Lyndia Morel’s quiet drive home took a chilling turn when she encountered a mysterious craft and experienced a baffling episode of missing time. Was it a case of alien abduction? (The Lyndia Morel Incident) *** In May of 1963, a bizarre creature terrorized Centreville, Illinois, prompting over 50 calls to the police from alarmed residents. Descriptions ranged from a “half man, half woman” to a “half man, half horse.” (The Centerville Monster)

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00:01:49.380 = Show Open
00:04:29.283 = To Die In The Old West
00:18:51.277 = The Hidebehind
00:21:47.052 = The Pied Piper of Tuscon
00:26:54.843 = The Lyndia Morel Incident
00:41:26.997 = The Vanishing of Brianna Maitland
00:49:22.035 = The Myth of Crocker Island
00:57:52.272 = The Centerville Monster
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Originally aired: May 29, 2024

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