Tourists Try To Lure Nessie In With… Candy?

Tourists hoping to catch a glimpse of Nessie have been caught throwing Haribo into the loch in an attempt to lure the beast out.
German holidaymakers were caught videoing themselves throwing the sweet treats to the monster and then laughing.
Just like the Loch Ness monster, the reason for the bizzare custom remained a mystery.
However, that was until Scotsman Steve Feltham uncovered the reason.
Steve, who lives on the banks of the loch, became curious as to why German tourists threw the sweets to his neighbour and found out it was all down to a German Haribo commercial.
Revealing all on his social media Steve said:
“Another mystery solved here at Loch Ness
“I’ve been wondering for a while why German tourists keep offering me Haribo sweets and laughing.”
In the ad, a tour guide can be seen offering his troupe a grab at a bowl of Haribo.
Showing off, the tour guide flips one in the air, intending to catch it in his mouth.
Unbeknown to him, Nessie pops out of the water and grabs the treat, leaving the tourists in awe.
The confectioner behind Gold Bears, Starmix and Twin Cherries is known for it’s creative ideas.
Haribo once sold DJ-themed sweets, which people thought looked like ecstasy pills.
DJ Brause Saucer – which translates to DJ sherbet – comes in an array of neon colours and flavours.
A cartoon DJ spinning the decks with his eyes popping from the ‘fizz’ adorns the package.
The company was accused of cashing in on drug-culture and were likened candy cigarettes.

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