UFO Sighting In Fargo

Here is a report that was given to me by a woman named Allyson who read my article about the Lubbock Lights. There are some strange things going on in the story and she was able to provide some photographic evidence lending credence to her story. Take a look.

Can u tell me more about your sighting?

It was during the day, late afternoon, summer time.

Ever had any experiences before?

No not before that, but after that, yes. Growing up my great grandmother, who has always lived on a Nebraska farm would talk about aliens and UFO’s on her land. When she was dying in her home last year she kept saying, “they’re here” everyone thought angels, but I remembered all her alien stories and something told me to take a picture and I think I caught something. I’ll send the picture, its interesting. Look at the window. Zoom in. This would be right next to where I was sitting alone in kitchen.

Read the full interview here.

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