Want To Invent In A Chupacabra Themed Mexican Restaurant?

By Black Diamond Social Club

We recently went out for lunch at a crappy Mexican Restaurant that made us yearn for some authentic Tex-Mex style food. You know, lots of shredded meat and cheese, black beans and corn with a little spice. Yummy. So we were brainstorming during lunch and we think we came up with a brilliant restaurant idea and we are seeking investors for the concept. We want to open a themed Mexican restaurant called Chupacabra’s. Think of the possibilities – good quality Tex- Mex style food that ties into the paranormal legend of the chupacapbra.

If you don’t know what the mystical beast is, the chupacabra is a dog/wolf-like creature that has been spotted in the south western United States, Northern Mexico, and even as far away as Russia and the Philippines. Chupacabra means ‘goat sucker’ in Spanish, and reports say that witnesses have seen the creature drinking the blood of livestock. Pretty creepy.

Now back to our restaurant idea, there could even be a little chupacabra statue by the door, and our special rum and vodka drink that’s guaranteed to put hair on your chest – the chupacabra. Maybe on thirsty Thursday cheap drink nights we could also have guest speakers telling chupacabra stories. Needless to say, the merchandising potential of our restaurant is real – legit stickers and shirts as well as chupacabra books in a small gift shop near the register.

Now we did our due diligence and found a couple restaurants using similar names. One in Seattle called El Chupacabra is a Mexican style cantina that has a couple of local locations, but we want to go national. Then there is El Chupacabra in Luzon, Philippines that has a decent rating, but they don’t do Tex-Mex.

We don’t think either restaurant has a copyright on the use of the name, and we guarantee they don’t bring the level of creativity to a restaurant concept that we will. So if you’re an angel investor, lets make Chupacabra’s Tex-Mex style Restaurant a reality here in the Pittsburgh area. Send us an email and let’s do lunch, just not at the place that inspired our idea.

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