#RetroRadio “An Accidental Mass Murder at Oregon State Hospital” and More! #WeirdDarkness

#RetroRadio “An Accidental Mass Murder at Oregon State Hospital” and More! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: The governor called it “mass murder” in 1942 when forty-seven patients died at the Oregon State Hospital – all within hours. All of them, poisoned. Finding the murderer and motive would lead to an unexpected conclusion, and to an unrelenting haunting. (An Accidental Mass Murder at Oregon State Hospital) *** It was 1973, and the small town of Murphysboro, Illinois had quite a scare with numerous people encountering what many described as a large gorilla-like creature. We might call it Bigfoot or Sasquatch – they called it a “Big Muddy Monster”. (A Big Muddy Monster) *** In November, 1978, four employees at a hamburger restaurant are kidnapped and murdered. Almost forty-five years later, seven employees at a fried chicken establishment are found slain – their bodies found in the restaurant’s walk-in freezer. One case found justice… the other is still waiting. (The Burger Chef and Brown’s Chicken Murders) *** In Germanic and Scandinavian folklore, a child murdered by their mother is known as a Kindermorderinn – and if that child is a boy and decides to appear from beyond the dead, he’s considered a “Radiant Boy”. And there are numerous stories of their hauntings. (Radiant Boy) *** Grace Stevens was excited to attend her company’s annual picnic with friends and co-workers, dressing for the occasion, hoping to possibly meet her future Prince Charming. Her company was splurging and inviting everyone to take a ship from Chicago across Lake Michigan to attend the party in Michigan City. They never arrived. (Grace Stevens And The Tragedy Of The U.S.S. Eastland) *** In 1947 a woman jumped to her death from 86th floor of the Empire State Building… yet today, her ghost still needs to use the building’s bathroom facilities. (The Haunted Empire State Building Bathroom)

00:00:00.000 = Show Open
00:05:44.930 = Appointment With Fear, “And Deep Shuddered” (November 20, 1945)
00:32:09.459 = Weird Darkness, “An Accidental Mass Murder at Oregon State Hospital”
00:51:18.784 = Box 13, “The First Letter” (August 22, 1948)
01:19:08.463 = Weird Darkness, “Radiant Boy”
01:26:16.930 = CBS Radio Mystery Theater, “The Doll” (October 10, 1974)
02:12:30.242 = Weird Darkness, “Grace Stevens And The Tragedy of the U.S.S. Eastland
02:24:31.749 = The Chase, “Greedy Crockeys” (February 08, 1953)
02:54:58.088 = Weird Darkness, “The Burger Chef and Brown’s Chicken Murders”
03:08:01.363 = Chet Chetter’s Tales From The Morgue, “Elmer Vs The Invaders” (date unknown)
03:35:55.754 = Weird Darkness, “The Big Muddy Monster”
03:48:59.892 = Cloak And Dagger, “The Frank Bakers Story” (May 07, 1950)
04:19:13.974 = Weird Darkness, “Haunted Empire State Building”
04:25:08.602 = The Creaking Door, “Dummy” (date unknown)
04:56:02.222 = Show Close

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