Weird Darkness Store: April 2020 Fundraiser

This may not look like a lot, but seeing as I only receive about two dollars for each purchase made in the store, that means approximately 88 people ordered something from the Weird Darkness Store in April 2020.  Thank you to everyone who got involved!  I asked you to vote to choose which organization that helps people suffering because of coronavirus, and the vote was a landslide in favor of the donation going to the International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression (iFred).  With social-isolation, depression and anxiety are much harder to battle, so I am so happy you voted for iFred!  In the name of full disclosure, I’ve taken some screen shots to show that the donation has indeed been made!

Screenshot from TeePublic displaying the amount earned in April 2020
Screenshot of my PayPal account, just before clicking the “Donate Now” button.
There you go! A donation to iFred!

Visits: 92