#WeirdDarkness: “WHEN YOUR HOME HAS A DEMON” and 4 More Chilling True Stories!

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IN THIS EPISODE: On a warm July night in 1919, the body of young Bella Wright was found with a bullet hole in her head. Now, exactly 100 years later, the mystery of her murder is still unsolved. (The Man With The Green Bicycle) *** Weirdo family member Darren shares a story about one of his co-workers. (More Than Just Books In The Library) *** The bloodstain remains on the floor to this day—and several witnesses have claimed to see a black mist materialize from the spot and glide through the house. We’ll look at what could be the most haunted home in Philadelphia. (The Haunting of Grumblethorpe) *** The legendary paranormal researcher, Harry Price was the first to go ghost hunting in the infamous Borley Rectory. But some think there is more mystery to the man himself than to anything he chose to investigate. (The Mysterious Ghost Hunter, Harry Price) *** Demons are notorious for possessing innocent human beings – but it doesn’t always need to be a person. Sometimes a demon can simply take up residence in your house. We’ll look at some signs to determine if that is happening in your home. (When Your Home Has a Demon)

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“When Your Home Has a Demon” by Rob Schwarz: http://bit.ly/2XxJdLt
***BONUS EPISODE “What You Should Know About Demon Possession”: http://weirddarkness.com/episodes/4153/
“The Man With The Green Bicycle” by Elisabeth Tilstra: http://bit.ly/2FVP0PY
“The Haunting of Grumblethorpe” by Gary Sweeney: http://bit.ly/2L4AY2L (Photos of Grumblethorpe: http://bit.ly/2LEhnWE)
“The Mysterious Ghost Hunter, Harry Price”: Orrin Grey: http://bit.ly/2Jh81yw, Stephanie Almazan: http://bit.ly/2JnWwEg
“More Than Just Books In The Library” by Weirdo family member, Darren – submitted directly to WeirdDarkness.com.
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