WEIRDO STORIES, VOL 02: Terrifying True Stories From #WeirdDarkness Listeners!

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Coming up in this episode of Weird Darkness… you seemed to really like last Friday’s episode of stories solely by Weirdo family members, and I have more than enough stories, so we’re doing it again. Maybe we should call these Weirdo Webisodes – or Weirdo Family Friday. Maybe you have an idea of what to call these!

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All stories in this episode were sent directly to by listeners of the podcast…
“Mystery Woman” by Wade Blair
“Doppelganger” by Jeanne Silva
“The Tall Dark Figure” submitted anonymously
“My Mother’s Darkness” by Ambrosia Wickham:
“The Thing In My Dreams” by Grace
“Nighttime Footsteps” by Stephen Anderson
“Home Sweet Home” by Robert Hiebert
“Gold Visitors” by Vicky Yerkey
“Baby Shark” by Kristina Hale
“Unwanted House Sitter” by Mike Trigueros
“Faith and Fireflies” by Mark France:
“The U.S. Hotel” by Kenneth Conrad
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