Woman Ghosts Her Ghost Groom #MindOfMarlar

Woman Ghosts Her Ghost Groom #MindOfMarlar

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Have you ever heard the name Amethyst Realm? No, it’s not a fantasy novel character; she’s a real person with a love life that’s out of this world—literally.  Amethyst, a spiritual guidance counselor from the UK, made headlines when she shared her heart-tugging (and eyebrow-raising) romance with a ghost.

Amethyst’s story kicks off back in 2005 when she felt an invisible presence in her home. But instead of running out screaming (like most sane people would do), she felt a, shall we say… connection. Fast forward a bit, and she’s not just chilling with her ghostly companion; she’s Netflix and chilling… in a full-blown romantic relationship. Which begs the question – if you are dating a ghost, are you being ghosted – or does that still only apply after you are no longer dating said ghost and they ignore your constant Ouija board calls and texts?  Anyway… according to Amethyst, this wasn’t your typical fling. She talked about going on dates, having deep conversations, and yes, even getting intimate with her spirit lover.

“I’d marry you, my love… but how do we address the ’til death do us part’ thing?”

Things got pretty serious, but during a trip to Australia in 2018, she met someone else who immediately stole her heart. She was so smitten that she announced they were engaged! Oh – and the new boyfriend/fiance? Yeah – he was a ghost too. Can you marry a ghost?  What about that “til death do us part” thing if one of you is already dead?  I guess we don’t have to worry about it – and you don’t need to worry about their wedding registry at Bed Bath & Beyond to buy a new set of sheets for the groom to wear around the house, because it wasn’t long after this that Amethyst announced the wedding was off. Turns out, her spectral fiancé started showing his true colors (which I’d think are translucent since he’s a ghost, but I digress), and he was indulging in some otherworldly partying and substance abuse. Apparently, Ghost Groom was a lush and in desperate need of an Al-Anon meeting… although in the afterlife that’s probably more like Al-anon-and-on-and-on-and-on meeting.

Amethyst wasn’t ready to commit to that kind of ghostly baggage. Amethyst’s unusual love life has had people talking all over the globe ever since. Some are totally on board with it, seeing her story as proof of the paranormal – and hope for those who are hopelessly single I’m guessing; there’s hope after all for St. Valentine’s Day!  Other people (such as myself, obviously) are a bit more skeptical. We’re scratching our heads, wondering how any of this is possible. But whether you’re a believer or a skeptic, you’ve got to admit, it’s an entertaining story with a lot of spirit!

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