“X MINUS ONE” Multi-Episode Marathon 07 #WeirdDarkness #RetroRadio

X MINUS ONEMulti-Episode Marathon 07 #WeirdDarkness #RetroRadio

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By the mid 1950s, science fiction had largely fallen into a familiar pattern, regardless of medium. When fans tuned into the radio or caught the latest science fiction movie, they either encountered space opera adventures or fare aimed largely at a juvenile audience. Only in magazines such as Astounding Science Fiction and Galaxy were stories grounded firmly in science fiction being told with mature themes aimed at character development, true literature taking off to the stars. The debut of X Minus One in April 1955 changed that on radio, making this program not only the best of its type, but in many ways one of the only shows from Radio’s Golden Age to present science fiction for a well-rounded adult audience. It is an often debated point among experts and fans as to whether or not X Minus One was simply a new season of Dimension X, a program that ran on NBC in 1950-51, or a revival of sorts of this previous show. The latter is probably more accurate since the first 15 episodes of X Minus One were new productions of Dimension X episodes. What makes X Minus One stand out, however, is the fact that the remaining programs were actually adaptations of works from two of the best science fiction magazines of the period. NBC staff writers, primarily Ernest Kinoy and George Lefferts, scoured the pages of Astounding Science Fiction and then later Galaxy Magazine for tales that would thrill and chill their listeners, aiming most assuredly at the more sophisticated science fiction fans. Stories penned by noted science fiction and genre authors such as Philip K. Dick, Robert Heinlein, Frederik Pohl, and Isaac Asimov, and many others found themselves expertly adapted for radio over the program’s nearly three-year run. Listen to X Minus One and rocket to new heights of top-notch science fiction old time radio!

00:00:00.000 = INTRODUCTION
00:01:54.470 = The Moon Is Green (January 02, 1957)
00:30:16.613 = Saucer of Loneliness (January 09, 1957)
00:59:01.789 = The Girls From Earth (January 16, 1957)
01:21:18.452 = Open Warfare (January 23, 1957)
01:42:35.282 = Caretaker (January 30, 1957)
02:04:13.830 = Venus Is A Man’s World (February 06, 1957)
02:25:06.654 = The Trap (February 13, 1957)
02:47:00.728 = Field Study (February 20, 1957)
03:08:36.066 = Real Gone (February 27, 1957)
03:30:43.375 = The Seventh Victim (March 06, 1957)
03:52:48.201 = The Lights on Precipice Peak (March 13, 1957)
04:13:48.162 = Protection (March 20, 1957)
04:36:00.300 = At The Post (March 27, 1957)

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